SEMATECH Dictionary of Semiconductor Terms

This dictionary defines terms that are used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. It is intended to foster a common language within the SEMATECH community and within the industry. Some terms are specific to SEMATECH, but others are collected from industry standards (see Doc Info).

This information is provided for reference only and may not contain the most recent industry terminology.

A to Am G Q
An to Az H R
B I S to Se
C to Ch J and K Sh to So
Ci to Com L Sp to Sta
Con to Cz M to Mes Ste to Sz
D to De Met to Mz T to Th
Df to Dz N Ti to Tz
E to En O U and V
Eo to Ez P to Ph W X Y Z
F to Fl Pi to Pq Doc Info
Fm to Fz Pr to Pz